• Two truths and a lie

    1. I served as the youngest judge in the State of Alabama for nearly three years;


    2. I owned and operated three businesses at the age of 29; and


    3. I am fluent in Spanish and German.


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    J. Brent Helms

    Former Special Probate judge | Attorney | entrepreneur

    I graduated law school on a warm Saturday in May and was sworn in as a judge the following Monday. After nearly three years on the bench, I resigned my judicial position to become a full-time attorney.


    As an attorney, I practice law in the areas of immigration, constitutional, probate, elder, business, election and campaign, municipal, county, and state law.


    In my entrepreneurial endeavors my clients love me because I am "a dedicated and enthusiastic business person" who is "honest, communicative, polite, prompt, and very efficient" and "treats every person like a human being, not a business transaction."


    All of my accomplishments are born from (and fueled by) hard work, dedication to my faith, and support from my family and friends.