• Special Judge of Probate

    I served as the youngest judge in Alabama until I resigned in January 2016

    I made tough decisions

    I made tough decisions in such a way that my authority and fairness were respected even by those who were adversely affected by my rulings.

    I dealt with adversity

    I heard and ruled on complex civil cases involving adversarial lawyers and powerful emotions among all concerned parties.

    I was impartial

    I addressed issues of public policy as adjunct to court proceedings and was able to recognize my own prejudices so that I was not unduly swayed by them.

    I exercised judicial temperament

    I met deadlines, kept appointments and commitments, respected the time of the parties involved in a lawsuit and was even-tempered, yet firm; open-minded, yet willing and able to reach a decision; confident, yet not self-centered.

  • Chief Clerk

    I handled $16.7 million annually, managed 27 people, and administered elections

    I had stewardship over $16.7 million annually

    I was responsible for collecting and dispersing approximately $15 million in taxes (revenue) and I oversaw $1.7 million in expenditures each year.

    I managed 27 people and handled HR functions

    From hiring to firing and everything in between, I managed 25 employees and 2 independent contractors in 3 geographical locations.

    I was a local government compliance officer

    Every cent the probate office collects and every policy it enforces is based on some form of law--state, federal, or local. I ensured that the probate office operated in strict compliance with the law.

    I helped administer elections

    From training election workers to providing logistical and legal advice, I served as the right-hand-man to the county's election manager and oversaw the county elections specialist.

  • I practice immigration, constitutional, and probate law



    From individuals and families to small businesses, corporations, and public institutions, I provide customized immigration solutions.



    If it is constitutional-based, I provide representation.



    If it is related to estate planning, elder law, or probate law, I provide representation. Probate law includes guardianships, conservatorships, adoptions, estates, property divisions and sales, voting rights, etc.



    From cities and towns to counties and state government agencies, I provide customized representation based on the needs of the organization.

  • We treat you like a person, not a business transaction.


  • Legal Research Assistant

    I was appointed to serve as the Legal Research Assistant to the Chair of the Alabama Interagency for the Prevention of Elder Abuse

    I helped make elder abuse a crime in Alabama

    I assisted in drafting, editing, and proofing proposed legislation to 1) create a protected class for “elders” (persons age 60 and over) and 2) criminalize elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. The legislation passed in 2014 and is codified in Ala. Code § 13A-6-190 through 13A-6-201 and is cited as the Protecting Alabama's Elders Act.

    I conducted extensive legal research in the area of elder abuse 

    I performed legal research and analysis of U.S. and Alabama-specific case law, statutes, regulations, policies, and procedures concerning elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation and presented my findings to the Chair and committee in verbal and written form.

  • Law Clerk

    I volunteered more than 120 hours of time to Legal Services Alabama

    I created NIÑOS and designed a web site to promote it

    NIÑOS is a free 51-page do-it-yourself packet designed to protect US-born children of illegal immigrant parents who may someday be detained or deported.

    NIÑOS is endorsed by the U.S. government and reputable organizations

    I created El Dinero and designed a web site to promote it

    El Dinero is a free 19-page do-it-yourself packet designed to help immigrants manage their finances and assets (in order to support their US-born children) in the event they are detained or deported.

    I worked to protect victims of domestic abuse

    I drafted and filed pleadings and other documents relevant to court actions involving victims of domestic abuse and made court appearances.