• Hi, my name is Brent Helms. My passion is split between my love of work and family.


    And I love public speaking!


    I am married to Laura Taylor, a lovely young woman from Slapout, Alabama. Luckily, Laura is as fun and interesting as the name of the town where she grew up. We have seven children (six girls and one boy) ages three to 13.


    I have a bachelor's degree in international trade. My degree was heavy on economics and international studies with just enough general business mixed in to fuel my entrepreneurial appetite, which led to four successful business ventures.


    I graduated a semester early from law school and was appointed to serve as a Special Probate Judge. I learned a number of (good and bad) lessons from attorneys over the three years I served as a judge. Those lessons have proven helpful as I have fulfilled my duties as an attorney.


    As a judge, attorney, and entrepreneur, I have had the opportunity to give a number of public speeches. I love public speaking. I'd love to give a (free) speech at your next event.

  • Book the speaker your listeners can't ignore!

    My speeches are valuable. In court, they win cases. When given to an audience, they educate, inspire, and influence.

  • My passion for work

    Some of the problem-solving, negotiation, and common sense people skills I use every day in my legal work were born from lessons I learned while starting, resurrecting, and running businesses as a young entrepreneur.

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    I promise:

    1. An honest assessment.

    2. Conclusive statements based on Alabama law.

    3. A game plan moving forward.

  • Legal Experience

    I am a young litigator with an already impressive range of experience, serving as a judge for three years before opening my own law firm and helping to pass a law criminalizing elder abuse in Alabama.



    If there's one thing for which I am famous, apart from having seven children, it is for belying the conventional belief that attorneys are boring, dishonest, money-hungry, and stuffy.


    Special Probate Judge

    I loved serving as a judge. My job was to say what the law was, not what it should be--that's what politicians do. I ruled on really hard, complex multi-million dollar cases and routine cases. I recognized and appreciated that people were affected by the decisions I made. So, my decisions were simply based on the law. And just like I learned in math class, I always "showed my work" when I made a decision, citing applicable law and properly applying the facts. And because my decisions were (just, fair, and) based on the law, I was fortunate to never have one of my decisions appealed.


    Chief Clerk of the Probate Office

    I managed 27 employees in three locations, handled $16.7 million annually (and maintained a balanced budget), managed probate court, and ensured that the office operated in strict compliance with the law.


    Alabama Interagency for the Prevention of Elder Abuse

    I researched laws around the U.S. regarding elder abuse and assisted in drafting, editing, and proofreading proposed legislation to criminalize elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation in Alabama. Today, if you abuse, neglect, or financially exploit an elder in Alabama, you face jail time!

  • Working with an attorney shouldn't be hard. With me it's simple, personal, and easy.

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    While finding a new and unique idea is rare enough; the ability to successfully execute this idea is what separates the dreamers from the entrepreneurs. And this is where leadership transforms potential into reality.


    We're working to create the most client-friendly, client-centered, innovative, and transparent law firm in Alabama.


    Alabama Institute of Modern Languages ("AIML")

    We provide foreign language solutions. You may recognize some of the organizations we work for: Conference America, Harvard University, Joint Commission, Kohl's, and United Nations Foundation. Don't bother looking . . . you won't find us online. We're strictly a word of mouth company with big-name clients. Weird, but true.


    La Voz Local

    A buddy and I started the first assimilation newspaper (in Spanish) in Alabama for Hispanics. Rather than report news, we taught Hispanics how to register kids for school, pay taxes, purchase car tags, open bank accounts, write a check, get a library card, and more. We offered free Spanish classes for English-speakers and free English classes for Spanish-speakers. It was a hit!


    ORFF Music for Children

    I purchased the business and resurrected it. I taught music to children ages 3 - 6 and loved it. I increased profits in year one by $45,000 and continued a steady increase in profits during year two. Then, I sold it for a profit in year three.


    This is where I spend at least eight hours of my day. Join me!


    401 East Main Street, Suite A

    Albertville, Alabama 35950




    2033 Holtville Road

    Wetumpka, Alabama 36092