• Book the speaker your audience can't ignore.

    My speeches are valuable. In court, they win cases. When given to an audience, they educate, inspire, and influence.

    Fluent in English and Spanish, I've been privileged to build a professional reputation early in my career, educating Spanish-speaking audiences on behalf of the Mexican Consulate, providing specialized legal training to Alabama judges, speaking at legal and medical symposiums on constitutional and civil rights issues, and delivering keynote addresses to international civic groups. Audiences love the dynamic, fun, and passionate flavor I incorporate into my speeches.

  • No fee

    While there is no speaker fee, I respectfully request your coverage of any travel expenses (e.g., airfare, car rental, hotel, meals, etc.). Any honorarium as a "thank you" or gesture of goodwill and appreciation will be graciously accepted in the same spirit in which it is given.